Kasey was raised in Fresno, California, the breadbasket of America. Surrounded by agriculture in every direction, Kasey grew up never far from a farm stand of local seasonal produce. On the way home from school, her mother would swing by one of these stands to pick up vegetables for dinner, oranges to squeeze for juice for breakfast, and then let Kasey and her sister pick out an afternoon snack of whichever fruit we preferred (fresh figs, juicy apricots, boysenberries, nectarines). The San Joaquin Valley is perfected situated between the central California coast & the west side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which means fresh seafood is available year around, as well as hunting in the foothills. Between Kasey’s appetite for home-cooked meals, access to incredible quality ingredients, and a legacy of hunting and fishing, the central valley shaped the way Kasey eats, cooks, and gathers ingredients.

Kasey graduated from Whitman College with a BA in Politics & Environmental Studies. She spent her post-college years split between wrangling horses in Wyoming and Maui, the best of both natural beauties: the mountains and sea. When Kasey met the love of her life in Ketchum, Idaho, she knew it was the perfect paradise to call home. Peter, her husband, is a fifth generation Wood River Valley resident & legacy to Atkinsons’ Markets, the local grocery stores.

Kasey dedicated the first five years in Ketchum working under esteemed seasoned agents Team Badell – Melin, while simultaneously managing the local art and home goods consignment boutique “The Vault.” The dynamic work environment honed her skillsets including customer service, office management, contract oversight negotiations, and kindled my passion for the real estate industry. Today, Kasey puts these skills to work assisting clients realize their Sun Valley real estate dreams. When she is not diligently attending to clients, Kasey spends her time making the most of each Sun Valley seasonal outdoor activity, as well as cooking with local and seasonal produce. With so much to offer in the Wood River Valley, there is no greater joy than helping community members, new and established, find their way, either on the trails, in Atkinsons’ Markets, or in the real estate market.

To Kasey, cooking begins with foraging, gathering, harvesting, hunting, trading and choosing. Cooking is about sharing, generosity, and celebrating. Cooking is an expression of health, culture, and prosperity. Cooking is joy. Kasey cares deeply about preparing meals for family & friends. From morel hunting in the spring to picking out the best quality canned tomatoes in the dead of winter at the market, she loves all aspects of prepping for a meal. Here is her catalogue of favorite recipes, ingredients, local food venders, and tips for creating dishes that inspire and bring joy everyday. These are Kasey’s musing and inspirations for recipes from her life to your kitchen.

Peter & Kasey at the Local Food Alliance farm to table dinner summer 2018 at our dear friends, Squash Blossom Farm, located in Bellevue, ID.